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School Leaders Legal Liability

Coverage you can count on includes:
  • Coverage for corporal punishment available by endorsement
  • Employment practices liability coverage provided
  • Coverage for non-monetary defense costs available by endorsement
  • Triage services providing guidance to program participants to decrease claims and reduce costs (PA accounts only)
  • First Call Hotline, for answers to issues involving employment and labor or civil rights violations (PA accounts only)
  • Definition of insured includes employees, volunteers, and student teachers at no additional charge
  • Coverage for student discrimination claims available

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First Call Hotline (PA only)
The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP

Not sure what employment action to take? Not sure if doing something violates someone’s civil rights? Our First Call Hotline can provide the answer.

Benefits include:

  • Minimize your school entity’s exposure to legal challenges.
  • Lessen the severity of a claim if one is filed.
  • Increase the opportunity to defend the school if a claim or suit is filed.
  • Get a legal answer within 48 hours.


Receive FREE access to a host of complementary resources from JacksonLewis, including the legal helpline, sample policies, training, COVID-19 information for employers and more, available exclusively to CM Regent customers outside of Pennsylvania.

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