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CM Regent Solutions and National Vision Administrators (NVA) have partnered to offer school entities two vision programs: self-funded vision plans and the Opti-Vision Discount Program

(Currently this service is available only to Pennsylvania public school entities.)

Self-Funded Vision

CM Regent Solutions and NVA have partnered in offering public school entities the opportunity to participate in self-funded vision plans. Using the self-funding concept, we incorporated several cost saving features when developing this third-party claims administration program. The program focuses on reduced benefit cost, improved cash flow, and proper and timely administration of claims.

Benefits of the CM Regent Solutions/NVA Self-Funding program include:

  • Stable administration fees.
  • Quick and accurate claims processing.
  • Claims are invoiced after they have been processed and paid.
  • Flexible plan designs.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Access to NVA’s network of quality eye care professionals.
  • The Opti-Vision Discount Program is available.
Opti-Vision Discount Program

CM Regent Solutions has teamed with NVA to design a program that offers significantly discounted vision services including contact lenses and LASIK.

The Opti-Vision discount plan serves two needs for public school entities. First, if vision benefits are currently offered, the Opti-Vision discount plan will reduce the out-of-pocket expenses that your employees and their eligible family members pay at the time of service which, in turn, will reduce the claim payments made by the existing vision benefit plan. Most vision benefits offered by public school entities are minimal, so by offering the Opti-Vision discount plan, the public school entity is expanding the current benefit offering by making the NVA nationwide network of providers and their discounts available to its employees.

The second way the Opti-Vision discount plan can work for a district is when no vision coverage exists, but there is a need to offer something to the various bargaining units at the negotiations table. For as little as $1.25 per employee per month ($15 per year), your employees and their eligible family members can have a network of skilled providers available to reduce their costs. Here is how it works: An employee gets an eye exam without the Opti-Vision discount plan and could pay as much as $120 at the time of service. With the Opti-Vision discount, that cost would only be $38. Similar discounts are in place for materials as well.

NVA Opti-Vision discount plan participating providers will service your employees and their eligible family members according to a schedule of benefits.

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